2022 Gift guide for the active person

2022 Gift guide for the active person

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

It can be stressful to find a unique Christmas gift. This year give the gift of health with these ideas which are sure to be a hit, even with couch potatoes!

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Best Gifts

Massage and Pilates sessions Who doesn’t love a massage or private pilates session? Make your life easy by purchasing them online! Not sure what amount to pick? Send us a quick email and we can give you suggestions!

Heated Coat ($149)

I don’t think I would survive winter without one of these. Keeps me warm on winter hikes and running to the car!

A bottle with a reminder ($48.99)

Yoga Wheel – 4 pack with stretching strap ($64.99)

Under-the-desk treadmill ($345.99)

Sit-to-stand desk ($248)

Massage gun ($100)

Pura – a toxin free diffuser with automatic scheduling ($82)

Barefoot Shoes Xero, Vivo and more! (varing prices)

Best Stocking stuffers

Habit tracker journal ($17)

This habit journal is a go to easy gift. Habits are hard to create AND keep. This nifty journal will keep ya on track and accountable — use it for things you did and things you DIDNT do!

Antimicrobial Towel ($20)

Kinesio (Rock) Tape ($28)

Blue light blockers ($14)

Reusable beeswax wraps ($18)

Foam Roller with trigger point nubs ($32)

Breathe, James Nestor (book) ($15)

Well, this is by no means an exhaustive list. It was actually hard to narrow down what active people might want under the tree this year! I hope these have inspired you to think outside the box and give gifts that promote wellness.

Happy Holidays!


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