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If you are interested in Pilates near Plymouth, Canton, Northville, or the surrounding Michigan communities, look no further than Wise Body Solutions. Pilates values education, quality movement, and range of motion above all else. Learning how to move properly can improve your life in so many other aspects besides exercise. You can improve your posture, balance, and everyday tasks through Pilates, which in turn will enhance your ability to prevent and recover from injury.

Pilates focuses mainly on your core, combining strength and mobility skills using body weight or light resistance exercises. These exercises teach you to be aware of your movements and balance, an undervalued skill.

Though many people choose Pilates as a way to gain muscle and improve their appearance, the skills you learn will improve your overall relationship with your body for a lifetime. Schedule your Pilates session today.

Our Pilate Services

At Wise Body Solutions, we offer two types of Pilates classes: Private sessions and Group classes.

Private Sessions

We customize these one-on-one Pilates sessions to your physical needs, overall goals, and experience level. We can also adjust your courses at your request! This personally tailored experience ensures that you receive the maximum benefits of your lesson.

These sessions are perfect for students of any experience level, whether you have specific mobility needs or simply appreciate the personalized experience of one-on-one instruction.

Schedule a 30- or 60-minute class for yourself, or contact us to begin your Pilates journey.

Group Classes

Our group classes include up to four people, providing you with an engaging experience to work alongside others. Beginners and advanced Pilates enthusiasts alike enjoy these small group sessions. These sessions are well-rounded and carefully planned to be enjoyable yet challenging for all.

Make an appointment for yourself, or if you have a small group already, feel free to contact us to schedule your own group class! This small class is perfect for friends or family who want to learn together or push each other to improve skills and strength.

The Profound Benefits of Pilates

No matter your reason for choosing Pilates, the results speak for themselves. We design sessions at Wise Body Solutions to benefit the mind, bodies, and souls of our clients. Whether you are interested in gaining strength, improving your appearance, or preventing pain, Pilates offers benefits such as:
Pilates makes your movements more intentional and efficient overall. Once you start to feel the benefits of moving with ease, you will never want to go back!

Why Choose Wise Body Solutions

At Wise Body Solutions, helping clients reach their goals is our number one priority. We want you to feel encouraged and challenged with each session, allowing you to grow stronger and healthier at your own pace. The intimate nature of our classes allows for individual attention, even in group sessions.

With years of experience, certifications, and modern Pilates equipment, we have everything you need to guide you on your fitness journey. Our in-home studio is located in Westland, MI, which is a perfect place for anyone with an interest in Pilates near Plymouth, Michigan. You can also receive other Wise Body Solutions services like massage, bodywork, and Rolfing at REACH Rehab + Chiropractic, located in Plymouth.

Our clients include men and women of varying ages and abilities who continue to return to our studio time after time. If you visit us, you will soon understand why! 

Wise Body Solutions | Pilates Near Plymouth, MI

If you are searching for Pilates in Westland, Plymouth, Canton, Northville, or the local Michigan communities, come visit us at Wise Body Solutions. Our customized classes will have you feeling stronger, more confident, and more balanced than ever. 

The popularity of Pilates in athletic communities is easy to understand. For injury recovery, physical aesthetics, or just overall health, Pilates is the ultimate choice of exercise.

Contact Wise Body Solutions at (734) 740-9266 to schedule a consultation or Pilates class today!

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