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Welcome to Wise Body Solutions: Your Ultimate Pilates Sanctuary

Take the next step in your Pilates journey with Wise Body Solutions. Whether through expertly tailored private lessons or fun, challenging group classes, our Pilates near Northville, MI classes will have you develop your core strength through resistance training and precise movement. 

Wise Body Solutions was established right here in Michigan. With local roots, our expert Pilates instructor delivers a unique experience that makes you feel stronger and more relaxed. If you’re looking to practice Pilates in Northville, MI, there’s no better place to do it than Wise Body Solutions.

Discover the Benefits of Our Pilates Classes Near Northville, MI

Pilates has a variety of benefits that go beyond traditional exercise methods. Certain forms of movement are prohibited when you’re dealing with aches and pains, like lower back issues. Studies have shown that Pilates decreases back pain and strengthens the whole body. 

Common benefits that can be expected with a dedicated Pilates routine from Wise Body Solution include: 

  • Increasing core strength which helps in overall stability and endurance 
  • Improving posture to alleviate common aches and pains 
  • Boosting flexibility which aids in overall strength and reduces the risk of injury 
  • Enhances body awareness which can have a meditative, relaxing effect outside the classroom as well
  • Reduces menstrual pain 
  • And more

Step into Our Pilates Studio in Westland, MI

At our Pilates studio in Westland, MI, you’ll be met with a fully furnished location with full amenities. Our certified instructor and modern equipment allow you to have the best possible Pilates experience.

Our women-owned studio is driven by a mission to deliver a holistic, client-centered experience. Wise Body Solutions is easily accessible for most in Metro Detroit; our facilities are easy to get to from Interstates 275, and it’s relatively simple to sign up for a class. 

More than just helping your body look and feel good, the skills you learn at Wise Body Solutions help you think differently about your body, improving the relationship you have with it.

Class Schedule and Personalized Membership Options

Wise Body Solutions makes Pilates and personal wellness easy to start and continue with personalized one-on-one hour-long sessions that go at your own pace and also hour-long intimate group classes. 

Our private lessons are booked as needed and are catered to your availability. Our group classes offer a variety of times throughout the week, making them convenient for busy schedules. 

If you’re looking to improve your health and fitness, Wise Body Solutions has the answer you’re looking for.

Meet Our Expert Pilates Instructor: Kristin Szlinis

Kristin‘s lifetime dedication to helping others with their physical well-being journey started with her own when she was in physical therapy for an injury. She quickly recognized the importance of taking care of your body and its effect on overall well-being. Now an expert Pilates instructor, certified Rolfer®, and licensed massage therapist, Kristin helps others improve how they feel now and teaches them the skills necessary to take care of themselves well into the future.

Kristin aims to create tailored programs customized to each of her clients. She is compassionate, taking the needs and concerns of every client into account. Having helped many Michigan residents, she looks forward to helping you too. 


Start Your Pilates Journey Today at Wise Body Solutions in Plymouth, MI

At Wise Body Solutions, we aim to make starting Pilates easy to undertake. That’s why when you’re looking for Pilates near Northville, booking a class at Wise Body Solutions is as easy as clicking a few buttons with the schedule found on our website. You can book private lessons with a simple call or email as well. 

Start or continue your Pilates journey today with Wise Body Solutions! Improve your health and happiness with help from our professionals.

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