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Why consider the therapies at Wise Body Solutions? If you are recovering from injuries, suffering from aches and pains, or have goals for a healthier body and mind, we can help. We stand by the therapeutic principles of massage therapy, Pilates, and Rolfing® because we have seen them help countless people feel better and live healthier lifestyles.

We aim to help you develop your muscles in a planned, systematic way with modern equipment and the assistance of trained professionals through Pilates. We also help refine muscles and how they feel or work through the process of massage therapy and Rolfing®.

As a licensed massage therapist who uses Rolfing® and Pilates to recover from her own injuries, founder Kristin is on a mission to improve lives within the Plymouth, MI community including Westland, Canton, and Northville. For over a decade, she has dedicated herself to mastering an extensive repertoire of therapeutic principles that provide the same lasting comfort and flexibility she achieved for herself.

Our Services

If you are new to massage therapy, Pilates, and Rolfing®, let us introduce you to the basics for a sense of what our treatments involve.



Rolfing® Structural Integration is commonly known as Rolfing®, after its developer Dr. Ida Rolf. It embodies a holistic approach to relieving pain and improving connective tissue function, using a systematic, ten-step process for connective tissues surrounding the muscles.

Rolfing® aims to lengthen the connective tissue helping the muscles function more effectively, relieving the stress and muscle tension that causes aches and pains.


Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy combines muscle recovery and relaxation in tranquil settings. However, its main benefit is practical, with targeted massage working specific muscle groups for relief and recovery.



As an exercise practice named after the 20th-century pioneer who developed it, Pilates is still highly popular today. It harnesses controlled muscle movements and stretching to align muscles, improve posture, develop core strength, & boost mental and physical well-being. 

Start your private session or join a group class today. We proudly serve Plymouth, Canton, Northville, and the surrounding communities.

About Wise Body Solutions | Plymouth, MI

As a woman-owned provider of massage therapy, we follow a proven therapeutic process. It starts with an evaluation, continues through a program of treatment, and connects your custom treatment with achievements you can realize in everyday life.

The team takes pride in the joy and relief on our clients’ faces and our ability to provide them with a cleansing, rewarding experience. Our founder, Kristin, is a Pilates instructor and Certified Rolfer. She also has a passion for using massage principles, Pilates, and Rolfing® to create holistic, client-centered treatments.

Do you have any questions about our therapies and services? Feel free to contact us to discuss how Rolfing®, Pilates, and massage therapy could enhance your physical or mental wellness plan.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Read our client reviews on our website or Google profile to discover the practical and psychological impact our treatments are making on people living in Plymouth, Westland, and the surrounding southeast Michigan communities. Here’s what a few of our clients had to say:

Tom Durham
Tom Durham
To be honest, I didn’t completely understand what the rolfing experience was about when I started. I just knew that I needed a complete body “tune-up”. Having completed the formal series (and am now taking additional sessions), I can say that rolfing is a total mind/body health journey. Kristin is an AMAZING practitioner that I have developed total trust and faith in. She is the mind/body whisperer. I TOTALLY recommend if you are in pain or just looking for a life boost.
Dr. Kyle Wallner
Dr. Kyle Wallner
Kristin is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also incredibly effective with her work. Her office is very professional and comforting. I have never experienced Rolfing before and I am already experiencing a big difference in my hip and neck. Highly Recommended!
Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith
I just finished the rolfing program and couldn't be more satisfied. Kristen is welcoming, skilled, and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone even thinking about rolfing to check it out. You have found the right place.
Megan Wickman
Megan Wickman
Amazing massage therapist, have been going for years and will continue to. Highly recommended!
Andrew Pickett
Andrew Pickett
Went for rolfing for deep healing and have already experienced great changes within my body after only a few sessions. Would recommend to a friend, very caring and compassionate. Takes the time to break down the science behind everything. Very informative!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne
Very good massage, she is very good and professional definitely she her again

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Are you interested in starting a program of massage therapy, Pilates, or Rolfing® near Ann Arbor, MI, or the surrounding southeast Michigan communities? You’ll find our facilities easy to get to from Interstates 275 and 96. You can also visit our home office in Westland.

Here, you will be able to embark on your journey under the guidance of a highly skilled massage therapist and certified Rolfer. With relaxed, aligned muscles and less pain, you will feel younger and more energetic in no time.

Contact us at (734) 740-9266 to discuss your therapeutic options, including Pilates, therapeutic massage, and Rolfing® in Plymouth, MI. It is also easy to schedule sessions with Wise Body Solutions online.

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