Healing journey with Wise Body Solutions.

HELP! I don’t know which service I want!

So you’ve looked over the website, and all the services I offer, and now your confused on what to pick.

The best way to narrow this down is to think about what you want to feel.


Less pain?

Easier motion?


Does your entire body feel like a rusting machine that needs to be oiled?

All jokes aside, if you know what you want it will be easy for me to help you narrow down the choices.

Each service I offer has a different effect on the body.

Heres the run down of each:

Massage: Relaxation for the mind and body. Massage eases tension that’s the result of mental strain. The form I practice is most commonly referred to as relaxation (that’s independent of pressure – we can use lots or little) due to it’s ability encourage deep rest and trance-like states of mental ease. This allows muscles to melt and reset tension levels. This is a great choice for those looking to take a 60 or 90 minute vacation. We can add in stretches, too!

Bodywork: Massages goal oriented cousin. It’s beyond mental emotional relaxation and aims to provide a specific change within the body. We pick a target (better shoulder motion, less neck pain, etc) and we’ll work globally, (every muscle that effects that target) but nothing more. Sessions often involve work across the entire body. This means if working on your left foot improves shoulder mechanics, we’ll work on your left foot. However, if it doesn’t, I’m not touching it. Only work to serve a goal. To ensure we’re reaching our goal we’ll test movement at the beginning and throughout the session. Clients often remain fully or partially clothed and we often don’t use oil or lotion. This session can be deeply relaxing but very productive for creating change. Unlike deep tissue massage that can leave you sore the next day, this is gentle, like getting stretched out. It provides the result of a deep tissue session without the next day massage hang-over.

Rolfing: deepening bodywork results. Rolfing is a series of bodywork sessions to improve your awareness (often of habitual stressors/and poor ergonomic positions), improve your self-care game (you’ll get follow-along videos that improve mobility and body care) that feels transformational for those who been in a fight their body. Each session comes with education and homework (I promise, it’s as easy as paying attention to your breath). The end result is feeling (physically) younger but (mentally) wiser.

Still not sure? Two more tips to narrow the quandary

1. Watch this 5 minute video

This video goes over the difference between massage, bodywork and Rolfing. Getting an idea of each therapy, and what it helps, might clarify which service will help reach your goals.

2. Watch a Rolfing session. (Remember, Rolfing IS bodywork, so a bodywork session will look identical). This will give you a preview of how different Rolfing is than a relaxation massage. If you see this and think “yesssss, that looks like it would feel so good!” then we’ve narrowed ourselves to Bodywork, or Rolfing sessions. If you do book yourself a Rolfing/Bodywork session, please see this video about coming prepared!

3. Book a free 30 minute consult

A free consult is going to give you the chance to ask all the questions you have and for us to discuss your goals for treatment. Together we can narrow down which option is going to reach your goal. This can be booked before any treatment session, or it can stand alone.

I hope this has helped you narrow down the healing journey with Wise Body Solutions.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you still have quesions!

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