Products to simplify your wellness routine

Products to simplify your wellness routine

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Self-care can feel like a tedious, full-time job.

We all know we need to take care of our physical, mental, and emotional selves but setting that time aside can feel impossible when you’re already stretched thin.

Self-care should be like a reward, not just another checked-off task. So, how do we remove loathing from self-care?

  1. Make it enjoyable
  2. Make it easy

Easier said than done, right? Not with these 2 easy tips!

  • Make it a part of a bigger routine.

Use any existing habit and piggyback off it to jump-start the new habit. Self-care becomes easy when you habit stack.

For example, lotioning, mobilizing, and massaging your feet after every shower. (bonus: use a natural, good for you lotion!)

-Try taking a few deep breaths every time you end a phone call.

-Roll your head in a circle every time you hit a stop light.

-Take walking meetings (you can add this option right into your calendar, your co-workers can walk and talk with you.)

  • Switch products your already using to ones that encourage healthy habits

-This standing desk can help you switch from sitting to standing, breaking the habit of slouching in your chair for 10 hours straight.

…(because we both know how your back feels about this)

When you do feel like sitting, grab one of these lumbar rolls to help keep your posture on point and stave off that wilted banana look.

Barefoot shoes help to mobilize your feet every time you walk. Being barefoot allows muscles of the foot and lower leg to contract correctly, aiding in blood flow and proper muscle tension throughout the entire body. (This begets a much longer blog at some point.)

Amazon has this cheap pair that’s great for an introductory experience in the barefoot world.

(There are much better, much more expensive brands out there for my shoe snob friends)

This smart water bottle seems like overkill but when was the last time you knew how much water you had in one day, or kept that hydration up for multiple days in a row? This smart bottle will remind you to drink, tracks how much you’ve had AND it has a GPS tracker, so if you lose it you’ll know right where to find it.)

Self-care doesn’t have to be impossible

Use habit stacking to generate a new habit. New habits are easier to create if you just add them to something you’re already in the habit of. Then, using products to streamline the process ensures you consistently make good for your decisions that don’t add another thing to your already way too long to-do list!

Do you have a method to create a new habit or a product that’s made your life easier? Let us know in the comments. We love to share and learn about new ways to stay healthy!

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